FICR-TEAS 2022 is the second"FICR International Conference on Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions" on 7-8th Jan 2022, to be organised by the “Department of Computer Science & Information Technology”and “International Cell IIS-TIE” at IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur. Technology has evolved with great speed in the last decade, resulting in the development of Expert Applications making life more effortless . The applications of BigData, IoT, over the platforms of Cloud computing have been emerging in the form of latest apps, gadgets, robots, and others with unbelievable outcomes. However, at the same time the rising threats in Expert Applications need to be focused and analysed while developing satisfactory solutions for the same.This will help the society to prevent itself from ill effects of the technological developments.

To understand another dimension of  the conference abbreviation, it would be better to understand the word "FICR" , Indian word (pronounced as "Ficr"), which means “Seeking Solutions For Worries” i.e. giving detailed thoughts to a particular issue by analysing all its pros and cons in advance, so that the issuescan be addressed with proper planningand utmost care to benefit the concerned. Also, TEAS represents the most popular hot beverage "Tea" all over the world, which brings freshness. Here, through the conference "FICR-TEAS 2022", the 'worries' (Ficr) of the rising threats in the expert applications, would be discussed, analysed, and probably solved, during various Tea Sessions (and Tea Breaks) of the conference.

About 1stFICR-TEAS 2020
The 1stFICR-TEAS 2020 International Conference was successfully organized on 17-19thJan, 2020 at IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur in association with Springer Nature for publication (AISC Series), and supported by CSI, ACM, IEEE Ireland & UK Section. The conference fulfilled its aims and objectives and was appreciated by the guests, participants and stakeholders. About 300 papers were submitted to the conference, out of which 90 papers got selected and presented during the conference following the three tier  review process and the proceedings of the same were published by Springer