Call for Abstracts

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The tracks of the conference include but not restricted to: 

Track 1: Expert Applications and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Track 2: Advance Web Technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing in Expert Applications

Track 3: Information and Cyber Security Threats and Solutions

Track 4: Multimedia Applications in Forensics, Security & Intelligence

Track 5: Advancements in App Development

Track 6: Management Practices for Expert Applications

Track 7: Social and Ethical Aspects in Expert Applications through Applied Sciences

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The abstract should be up to 250 words including:

Title    MS word in Arial (Size 16 points) in single spacing             

Authors            MS word in Arial (Size 14 points)

                         The name of the presenting author should be

                         underlined and corresponding author starred.

Affiliation         MS word in Arial (Size 12 points)              

Email                MS word in Arial (Size 10 points)

Abstract            MS word in Arial (Size 12 points) in single spacing

Abstracts should briefly include the purpose of study, methods, results and conclusions. At the bottom of the page, please indicate the thrust area and category (UG/PG/Research).     

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  • Space will be provided for poster (1×1 metre2) display.
  • Pins and stand will be provided by the organization.
  • Poster should be legible enough to be viewed from a distance of 4 feet.


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