Oral Presentation Schedule

Date: 17th January 2020
Oral Presentations Session I
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Concurrent Session I
Venue -ISIM Auditorium


ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 1 119 Revisiting Cloud Security Attacks: Credential Attack Vaishali Singh, S. K. Pandey 
OP 2 64 Comparative Study of Different Machine Learning Techniques in the Diagnosis of Dementia  Haneet Kour, Jatinder Manhas, Vinod Sharma
OP 3 130 Progressive Growth of ETL Tools: A Literature Review of Past to Equip Future Monika Patel, Dhiren B. Patel
OP 4 139 Building a Machine Learning Model for Unstructured Text Classification: Towards Hybrid Approach Shikha Jain, Ajit Kumar Jain, Shashi Pal Singh
OP 5 107 Challenges and Issues in the Existing methodology for Dynamic data capturing of Ontology Ripal Ranpara, C. K. Kumbharana
OP 6 108 Contextual Information retrieval search engine challenges Ripal Ranpara, C. K. Kumbharana
OP 7 126 An efficient Fault-Tolerant mechanism to Ameliorate performance in wireless sensor networks Vinod Kumar Menaria, S. C. Jain, A. Nagaraju
OP 8 66 A hybrid cluster and PCA based Framework for Heart Disease Prediction using Logistic Regression Atul Kumar Ramotra, Vibhakar Mansotra
OP 9 69 A model for effective software testing in Cloud environment Pushpanjali Saini, Anubha Jain
Concurrent Session II
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall(503)


ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 10 208 Reproducible Academic Writing and Interactive Data Visualization Using Rmarkdown (R programming flex-dashboard::flex_dashboard packages) Yagyanath Rimal
OP 11 65 Automated Voter System by using Fingerprint and offline Data set with texture Image Processing  Ashok S. B., Hanumanthappa M., Mahendra S. J.
OP 12 135 Comparative study of Clustering for Intrusion Detection in Machine Learning  Kavitha S., Gopala B., Hanumanthappa M.
OP 13 68 Analytical Design of the DIS Architecture: The Hybrid Model Prakash B. R.,   Hanumanthappa M.,  Dattasmita H. V., Vasantha Kavitha
OP 14 2 Sentiment Analysis on E-learning using Machine Learning Classifiers in Python Shilpa Singh Hanswal, Astha Pareek, Geetika Vyas, Amita Sharma
OP 15 16 An essential E-Governance framework for Knowledge discovery Sangeetha Govinda ,Hanumanthappa M.
OP 16 114 A load balancing user management approach to prevent DDOS attack at cloud network Sandeep Kapur,Dinesh Kumar
OP 17 4 Assessment of needless code in a program Rekha Naug, Kavita
OP 18 216 Person Fall detection system using Arduino UNO, SIM900A and NEO6 Ashish B Prajapati
Date: 18th January 2020
Oral Presentations Session II
Concurrent Session I
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Venue -Seminar Hall(503)
ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 19 113 Knowledge Based Recommendation System For Online Business Using Web Usage Mining Technique Mahesh Kumar Singh, Om Prakash Rishi
OP 20 129 Internet Of Things For Vehicular Pollution Monitoring And Controlling System Kavita Khobragade, Margaret Salve
OP 21 105 Ensemble Feature Extraction Based Detection Of Abnormal Mass Present In Medical Images Using Machine Learning Rachit Kumar Gupta, Neeraj Kumar, Mandeep Kaur, Jatinder Manhas, Vinod Sharma
OP 22 116 Design, Development And Implementation Of An Image Steganography Algorithm For Encrypted (using AES) And Non Encrypted Text Into An Image Viral Shah, C. K. Kumbharana
OP 23 131 Understanding The Role Of Artifical Neural Networks In The Prediction of Mental Health Diseases Suchita Sinhal, Ruchi Nanda
OP 24 97 A Review On Image Segmentation Sushma Jaiswal, Manoj Kumar Pandey
OP 25 11 A Review And Comparative Study Of Frameworks For E-Commerce Application Service Onto The Public Cloud Environment  Mamta Sharma, Navneet Sharma
OP 26 110 A Review On American Sign Language Character Recognition Sushma Jaiswal, Priyanka Gupta
Concurrent Session II
10:30 am-11:30 am
Venue: Room no. 203
ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 27 212 Comparative Analysis Of Various Techniques Used To Obtain A Suitable Summary Of The Document Preksha Pandey, Jatin Keswani, Subrat Kumar Dash
OP 28 12 An Implementation Of Privacy-Preserving “IF THEN ELSE” Rules For Vertically Partitioned Data Kamlesh Ahuja, Navneet Sharma
OP 29 70 Heuristic Expert Evaluation Of E-learning Appplication Priyanka Mathur
OP 30 78 Analysis Of Algorithms K-means And Apriori For Data Mining  Sonali Vyas, Ajay Prasad
OP 31 10 Fuzzy K-means Clutering In Measuring Course Outcome Attainment System For Higher Educational Institutes Jikitsha Sheth, Bankim Patel
OP 32 61 Chunker For Gujarati Language Using Hybrid Approach Chetana Tailor, Bankim Patel
OP 33 147 KFCM Based Direct Marketing Naresh Kumar Trivedi, Suresh Kumar, Sachin Jain, Shikha Maheshwari
OP 34 120 The Rising Of Block Chain Technology And Its Adoption in India Vijay Singh Rathore, Vijeta Kumawat, B. Umamaheswari
Oral Presentations Session III
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm           
Concurrent Session I
Venue: ISIM Auditorium


ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 35 81 Performance analysis of AES, Blowfish and Rijndael: cryptographic algorithms for audio  Chetan Rathod, Atul Gonsai
OP 36 83 A secured cloud based framework for image processing using ant colony optimization Salini Suresh, Bhavani H. R ., Hanumanthappa M.
OP 37 106 Classification of image steganography in substitution technique Vaidya Krishna, Kargathara Afsana, C. K.  Kumbharana
OP 38 17 Vulnerability and mitigation strategies for secure expert systems Jaya Saxena, Anubha Jain, Rajashree Bothale
OP 39 77 State-of-the-art in stock market prediction models and techniques Sushma Jaiswal, Tarun Jaiswal
OP 40 118 Analyzing desktop & mobile application for text to speech conversation Afsana Kargathana, Krishna Vaidya, C. K.  Kumbharana
OP 41 226 Reliability and security analysis of VOIP communication systems Vinod Kumar, O. P. Roy
OP 42 210 A new methodology on sentiment analysis Priyanshu Jadon, Deepshikha Bhatia,
Durgesh Kumar Mishra
Concurrent Session II
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall (503)
ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 43 133 Grey box approach for mobile application testing Peeyush Pareek, Swati V. Chande
OP 44 138 Template based transliteration of braille character to Gujarati text -the application Hardik Vyas, Paresh Virparia
OP 45 141 Parallel ants colony optimization algorithm for dimensionality reduction of scientific documents Rosario Nery Huanca Gonza, Julio Vdera Sancho, Edward Hinojosa Cardenas, Carlos Eduardo Arbieto Batallanos, Maria del Carmen Cordova Martinez
OP 47 9 Query caching technique over cloud based mapreduce system: a survey Vandana Vijay, Ruchi Nanda
OP 48 136 Financial Knowledge prediction from Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Dr. Ruchi Jain
OP 49 142 Effective and efficient smart waste management system for the smart cities using internet of things (IoT): an Indian perspective Rakesh Roshan, O. P. Rishi
OP 50 91 Chili plant leaf disease detection using SVM and KNN classification Asha Patil, Kalpesh Lad
Concurrent Session III
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue: Room No. 203
ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 51 225 Prediction of Prediabetes, No Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus-2 using Simple Decision Tree Classification Technique Anupriya Kamble, Shaikh Abdul Hannan, Ramesh Manza, Ravi Ambilwade 
OP 52 250 Identification of Educationally Backward Countries in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level Students by Using Different Classification Techniques  Pratik Jaiswal, Mukta Dhopeshwarkar, Mangesh Patil, Anupriya Kamble,  Gajanand Boywar, Ramesh Manza, Surekha B. Jaiswal
OP 53 204 ESDBSCAN: Enhanced Shuffling Based Density Clustering  Vinay Gautam, Suresh Kumar Kaswan, Shikha Maheshwari 
OP 54 143 Analysis of Augmented Course Delivery and Assessment of Undergraduate Computer Engineering Programming Courses with the use of ICT   Shikha Maheshwari, Suresh Kumar, Rupali Gill, Vijay Singh Rathore 
OP 55 145 Analysis of Value-Based Academic Accomplishment through Prominent Management Techniques  Shikha Maheshwari, Suresh Kumar, Vijay Singh Rathore, Uma Shankar Modani 
OP 56 206 Docker Security Analysis Mechanism with Linux Platform Deepika Saxena,Navneet Sharma
OP 57 227 Analog Front End Design and Construction for ECG Monitoring System Rabiya Begum Mohd Saleem , Ramesh R. Manza, Anubha Jain, Yusuf Hanif Shaikh
OP 58 226 Reliability and Security Analysis of VoIP Communication Systems Vinod Kumar, O. P. Roy
OP 59 232 Terrain Index Analysis of Bardoli Taluka from Geo-Spatial Dimensions Jaishree Tailor, Kalpesh Lad
Date: 19th January 2020
Oral Presentations Session IV
Concurrent Session I
10:00 am – 11:30 am
Venue: ISIM Auditorium


ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 60 75 A Survey of Load Balanced Job Scheduling Schemes in Cloud Computing Shamma Shabnam Nasim, Chowdhury Md Mizan, Tridib Chakroborty, Sudeep Ghosh, Suparna Karmakar
OP 61 73 Analysis of various Text Recognition Classifiers for Image Query based Tablet Identification System A. B. Dhivya, M. Sundaresan
OP 62 128 Past to future of network security with AI Nishita Gupta, Nilam Choudhary
OP 63 111 Enhanced Image Compression Technique to Improve Image Quality for Mobile Applications S. Mayukha, M.Sundaresan
OP 64 80 Augmenting Cloud  Service discovery using ontology Anita Khatri, O. P. Rishi
OP 65 166 An Computer Aided System for Lung Cancer Diagnosis  Manoj M. Mhaske,  Ramesh R. Manza,  Pallavi K. Pradhan, Sagar Vakhare
OP 66 156 Analysis of the Influence of Photo Manipulation on Creative Advertising  Jitendra Sharma, Neha Tiwari
OP 67 150 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Temperatures Records of Aurangabad District in Maharashtra  Sagar S. Vakhare, Ramesh R. Manza, Shaikh Abdul Hannan, Anubha Jain
OP 68 229 Comparative Study of Prewitt and Canny Edge Detector Using Image Processing Techniques Deepali N. Lohare, Ramesh R. Manza, Neha Tiwari
OP 69 218 Artificial Neural Network Approach for modeling Cu(II) and Cr(VI) ion Biosorption from Synthetic Textile Effluent Using three low-cost biosorbents Sudesh Jat, Varsha Goyal , Amita Sharma
OP 70 219  The Film Industry leaps into Artificial Intelligence: Scope and Challenges by the Filmmakers Angana Datta, Ruchi Goswami
OP 71 55 Developing a quality model to study the impact of variability over the reusability and maintainability of software product line variabilty models Chitra Bhardwaj, Geetika Vyas, Amita Sharma, Astha Pareek
OP 72 251 Phishing Website Prediction by using Cuckoo Search as a feature selection and Random Forest & BF-Tree Classifier as a Classification Method Akash Saxena,  Navneet Sharma, Pawan Agarwal, Rohit Barotia
Concurrent Session II
10:00 am – 11:30 am
Venue: Seminar Hall (503)
ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 73 215 An Approach Towards Information Retrieval through Machine Learning and its Algorithms: A review Raghav Sharma, Bhanvi Menghani, Anirudhi Thanvi, Manish Kumar, Sunil Kumar Jangir
OP 74 155 Cervical cell cytoplasm extraction algorithm Abrav Ali Sheikh, Neha Koul, Shallu Kotwal, Ayushi Kotwal, Jatinder Manhas
OP 75 165 IoTeST:IOT Enable Smart Tourism-shaping the future of tourism Shivani Shamra, O. P. Rishi, Anukrati Sharma
OP 76 140 A study of Behavioral Biases and Investment decisions using Artifical Neural Network Anju Singh
OP 77 212 Comparative Analysis of various techniques used to obtain a suitable summary of the Document Preksha Pandey, Jatin Keswani
OP 78 151 Multi resolution Adaptive Threshold based Segmentation of real-time vision-based database for human motion estimation Rohini Mahajan, Devanand
OP 79 162 Feature selection and extraction for dogri text summarization Sonam Gandotra, Bhavna Arora
OP 80 167 A Recommendation Perspective for Modeling Drug Target Interaction Predictions using Network Based Approaches Harshita Bhargava, Amita Sharma, Prashanth Suravajhala
OP 81 213 Computational and Performance Aspects of Face-Recognition Method
Nikita Jain, Harvir Singh, Vishnu Sharma, Rajneesh Chaturvedi
OP 82 233 Performance Evaluation of VLSI Implemented WSN Algorithms Pooja Srivastava, S. C. Bose
OP 83 149 Analysis of Interpolation methods for temperature data in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra Sagar S. Vakhare, Ramesh R. Manza, Deepak B. Pachpatte, Manoj M. Mhaske
OP 84 266 A Study on Deep Learning in Neurodegenerative Diseases and other Brain Disorders  Monika Jyotiyana, Nishtha Kesswani
OP 85 117 Predicting the Sales Conversion Rate of Car Insurance Promotional Calls Deepa Rani Gopagoni, Lakshmi P. V. , Pratap Siripurapu
Concurrent Session III
10:00 am – 11:30 am
Venue: Room No. 203


ID Paper ID Paper Title Author Name
OP 88 163 Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques for Malware Detection  Niharika Sharma, Bhavna Arora 
OP 89 63 A Novel User Authentication Protocol Using Biometric Data for IOT Networks  Kameswara Rao. M,  S. G. Santhi 
OP 90 220 Blockchain technology for HealthCare Data  Rakesh Prasad,Ravi Saharan 
OP 91 249 Prediction of Prediabetes, No Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus-2 using Pattern Recognition  Anupriya Kamble, Shaikh Abdul Hannan, Anubha Jain , Ramesh Manza


OP 92 159 Composite Framework of Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithm for Prediction of Fraudulent Firm using Audit Dataset Monika Rathore, Shruti Gupta
OP 93 255 Analysis of the Effect of Topic Modeling on General Corpus Mixed With In-Domain Text for English-Hindi Translation Himanshu Sharma, Harvir Singh 
OP 94 234 SpSiSb:The Technique to Identify Forgery in Legal Handwritten Documents  Mehak Mengi, Deepti Malhotra
OP 95 258 Detection and Counting of Microanurysm for Early Diagnosis of Maculopathy Chetan Pattebahadur, Ramesh Manza, Anupriya Kamble, Priyanka Verma
OP 96 67 A deep learning approach of collaborative filtering to recommender system with opinion mining Manish R. Visa, Dhiren B. Patel  
OP 98 221 Strengthening Pix CAPTCHA using Trainlm function in Back Propagation  Sumeet Gill, Renu Saroha
OP 99 170 Optimization Classification of Sunflower Recognition through Machine Learning Rupinder Kaur, Anubha Jain,Sarvesh Kumar